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[8 October 2008] Raid Photo Vault. Raider Mark McKibbin has offered to put your best photos into a Raid Photo Vault where all Raiders can see thumbnails of them AND download large, high resolution copies for viewing and printing. Mark has a gazillion jigabites just waiting for your CD or DVD of selected best (now you don't wanna show fuzzy duds, do you?) photos. Send them to: Mark McKibbin, c/o DCSI, PO Box 296, Warragul VIC 3820, Australia. Do tell Mark your name and Raid car number.


118 people from 16 countries participated in Raid Australia 2008 over a period of 28 days during August and September 2008.

54 Citroen A Series vehicles, supported by three four wheel drive vehicles travelled over 5000km through the Aboriginal Lands, Deserts, Pastoral Leases and stock routes of Western Australia to be 'exposed to a range of Australian country, people, culture and art'.

The feedback from the participants was that it was 'fantastic, unforgettable' and 'the best Raid ever'.

All said and done, the Raid has a life of its own, it is not reliant on any individual, it is bigger than any one individual, and it lives on because of the participants.  Here is what the participants said:

'Thanks again for the well organised raid.'  Gabrielle.

'great job! All was absolutely well organised and we saw places that would have been impossible to go to as ordinary tourists. And what I liked best was that I always could feel your connection to the history and past of this wonderful land!'  Harald.

'Thank you for organising so well.'  Adri and Lidy.

'Thanks for a fantastic Raid Shayne, it was well organised and I think we all had an amazing experience, a job well done'  Rolf.

'Thank you for that wonderful Raid',  Michael.

'the things I enjoyed most was the Canning Stock Route, "REAL" bush driving in the wilds of WA, bush camping at day's end and excellent directions with supporting data in the magnificent Raid Book.  Thanks again for a really memorable experience.'  Brian.

'congratulations on such a comprehensively organised RAID - what a unique experience',  Dianne.

'and many thanks again for a VERY well organised trip',  Marcus and Tim.

'Thanks again for all your efforts on the raid.'  Annette.

'Thanks for all your efforts!'  Guy and Desley.

'You did a great job! From choosing the roads and tracks, doing this super road book with all the very interesting background information, making sure we have enough time each day to travel and enjoy it up to all the little details like mentioning that the last miles you'll drive into the sun, so better arrive early - just amazing! The best raid ever! THANK YOU !!!'  Ushi and Axel.

'Thank you for organising 'Life Time' memorable event.  You allowed me to be exposed to a range of Australian country, people, culture and art that would otherwise have remained outside my experience',  Murray.

'still living Raid Australia in our minds and in our hearts.  We really enjoyed in everything so much',  Goran and Esma.

'Once again thanks for a great raid',  Pat Helmut.

'thanks again for a wonderful raid',  Gert.

'this has been my/our best Raid Oz to date....congratulations are in order for a job so well done!!!', Greg and Nina.

'Thank you again for the FANTASTIC and UNFORGETTABLE Raid 2008! It was MAGIC!',  Joen.

'Thanks for a great Raid 2008 "It's all good"',  Bob.

'Thanks for organising a wonderful Raid',  Elly and Herman.