Preparing your 2CV or A Series Citroën for Raid Australia 2008

To participate in Raid Australia you must have prepared your vehicle to the required standard.

Dust storm from 3-trailer cattle road train, The Kimberley

The reality is that the majority of problems that occur on Raids are a result of not driving to conditions. Nonetheless, you do need to fully prepare a vehicle.

The technical team has created this list of must-do preparations necessary for you to participate in Raid Australia 2008. The list is based on many breakdowns that have occurred on earlier Raids. It is expected that before you start your Raid specific preparation, you have a fully operational and fully roadworthy vehicle.

All the cars joining the Raid will be inspected by technical committee members prior to the start. If you bring a car prepared as described in the following documents you will minimise your chance of having problems.

If minor faults are found, you will have time to correct them. If a car is found to be unready, the committee can discuss the matter and you may have to spend the first few days of the Raid in Kalgoorlie fixing faults, before joining up with the Raid later.

The technical committee inspects all cars to eliminate badly prepared cars so that you will not ruin your trip, or the trip of other Raiders.

After some fifty years, and having travelled on most roads we have found out what breaks, what needs pre-Raid preparation, and what we do and don’t need to take.

The last thing you want to have to do on Raid is to repair your car all of the time. On-Raid maintenance, preventative maintenance, breakdown, accident, or total disaster; we will all pitch in and help.

Someone always has something for someone in trouble whether it be a crankshaft, or a beer. But if you could have prevented it by proper pre-Raid preparation, you may be on your own. And miss the sights.

When preparing your car make sure it would pass your local roadworthy, mot or control-technical .

Severe toe-in, Gibb River Rd, The Kimberley

The following is taken from the Citroën publication Ici commence l’aventure. The modifications pointed out are those considered applicable for Australian conditions as learnt by David Gries and many other Raiders since their first Raid in 1988.

The learning has been by both the easy and hard ways. Being able to drive, and read the road helps. The harder and faster you want to drive your car, the more modification you will need to do. If you want to sight-see and have a nice duck, you'll only need to do the minimum but sensible modifications. All these modifications can be done in various ways, they don’t have to be exactly the same as the book. Do not over modify or reinforce because it may break at the next weakest point.

Preparation Checklist

-Inspect Chassis and replace if required.
-Fit Engine and Gearbox Pan.
-Service and Replace Swing Arm Bearings.
-Service and Replace worn Kingpins.
-Service Suspension and adjust heights.
-Inspect and Secure Fuel and Brake lines.
-Inspect and Service Steering.
-Check Rubber Inner Mudguard Holders
-Inspect and Service Engine
-Inspect Exhaust
-Wheel Bearings
-2Way Radio