[25 March 2008]

Raid Australia Route Details

The start point of Raid Australia 2008 is Kalgoorlie.

Kalgoorlie is 600km from Perth.
Kalgoorlie is 2,200km from Adelaide.
Kalgoorlie is 2,900km from Melbourne.
Kalgoorlie is 3,500km from Sydney.
Kalgoorlie is 3,800km from Brisbane.
Kalgoorlie is 4,000km from Darwin.
Kalgoorlie is 15,000km from Dumfries.

After departing Kalgoorlie we head East along the Trans Continental Railway line until the start of the Great Victoria Desert where we have our first bush camp. We then head north via Queen Victoria Springs, through marginal station country, past Lake Minigwal and Lake Carey to Laverton.

Reflection in a rock pool en route to Laverton

We continue north through station country and desert ranges to the Gunbarrel Highway where we turn south west & travel along the lower section of the Canning Stock Route through the Little Sandy Desert.

We then head north again and past Mt Augustus National Park and the gorges around Wittenoom before heading into the Great Sandy Desert via Newman and Nullagine.

When duly parched we return from the desert to Marble Bar before passing through the De Grey River, visiting the 80 Mile Beach and travelling up to Derby.

Sharing the road with other users - wild dromedary camels

The final section is the Gibb River Road through the Kimberley. The Raid Party is on 3 September 2008 near the Pentecost River only 70km from the blacktop near Kununurra.

The final day of the Raid, on 4 September 2008 is the Pentecost River crossing. It is expected that those wanting an early departure can cross the river at the sunrise low tide. Those who wish to take it easy can cross later in the afternoon.

The raid is approximately 4,500km in length consisting of 3,500km of varying surfaces from tracks to bush highways and about 1,000km of blacktop.

Once the Pentecost has been crossed and you have reached the blacktop you can head the odd 50km to Kununurra, or head south to Perth.

The Raid ends 3,200km from Perth.
The Raid ends 3,300km from Adelaide.
The Raid ends 4,000km from Melbourne.
The Raid ends 4,200km from Sydney.
The Raid ends 3,600km from Brisbane.
The Raid ends 900km from Darwin.
The Raid ends 14,000km from Dumfries.


After the Raid - The Way Home

Serge, who is on the co-driver waiting list, has extended this invitation to Raiders;

"Hi, Serge here in Port Hedland, a 2CV man that could not make the raid.

I would like to extend an invite to any one returning from Raid Australia 2008 back to Perth to stop at my house in Port Hedland for BBQ, overnight or few days stay and enjoy some hospitality and the sites of Port Hedland, and maybe even an interview with the local newspaper. House is located on the beach in Cooke Point, Port Hedland and there is parking for about 30 cars. Please feel welcome to stop and stay. Thanks, Serge (email removed)."