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Welcome to the official web site of CitroŽn Raid Australia 2000 !

from Raid 88, Raid 92 and Raid 96 and welcome to potential new "Raiders".

What is a "Raid"
   An Australian CitroŽn Raid is an adventure trip, in a CitroŽn 2CV, which covers an area of out-
back Australia. It is not a rally or a race. It is a unique combination of CitroŽn cars, people, outback travel, camping
and scenery; together with a challenge. International friendships are formed. All three previous Raids have proven to be "unforgettable trips of a lifetime".

What cars are allowed
   The Raid is predominantly for CitroŽn 2CV or derivatives, however other CitroŽn Cars will be allowed, but these must agree to act in a supportive role for the 2CV cars.

The challenge
Most overseas Raid participants ship their cars to Australia and then travel to the central Raid starting point of Alice Springs in Central Australia. We then travel outback roads ranging from good bitumen to extremely rough roads considered by some as 4 wheel drive only. This Raid intends (optional) to travel to Cape York in the extreme north of Australia. This route is still considered a "pioneer" road. A sign near Cape York proudly exclaims "17.000 corrugations" to go.

History of Raid in Australia
   The first Australian Raid was held in 1988 and covered the Gunbarrel Highway track across central Australia from Perth to Sydney. The second followed in 1992 and covered the top end of Australia. The third in 1996 covered the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

   The official "Raid" will start from Alice Springs on Saturday 12th August 2000 and end in the Daintree area near Cairns on the Saturday 9th September 2000.  
On the evening of the 11th make your own arrangements for dinner (Cafe de Raid) or have some dinner at Chateau Hornsby Winery, Petrick Road, Alice Springs, phone: 8955 5133. Later Raiders must attend the meeting at Chateau Hornsby for the official welcome at 19.30 to receive the Raid T-Shirts, car logo stickers and car numbers for the front and rear windscreen. Car owners will be required to show proof of Third Party Property Insurance cover at this time (see under Additional costs - Shannons Insurance) and  all Raiders will need to sign the necessary indemnity form. 

Raid distance
   Including the trip to Cape York is about 5000 kms.

Suggested Timing  
As the Raid officially starts from Alice Springs and ends near Cairns it is suggested you allow at least one week either side to "fine tune" the car and travel to and from the Raid.
Raiders arriving and departing from the same capital city must add at least the following distance to be travelled:

Alice Springs Cairns Total
Adelaide 1600 3400 5000
Brisbane 3000 2000 5000
Darwin 1500 2800 4300
Melbourne 2400 3300 5700
Perth 3500 6100 9600
Sydney 3000 2700 5700

No guarantee
   Committeeman David Gries suggests that we structure the second part of the Raid as "open ended". This means that although we will attempt to get all Raiders to the Cape and back within the proposed time, it may not be possible to guarantee this as there are many variables - sand, tides, road conditions, rain, flooded rivers, etc. to contend with. He says that should be put in this way to all intending "Cape Yorkers".
In this respect it will be suggested to Raiders that they should carry emergency food for perhaps 10 days in case of unforseen circumstances.

Raid Committee


++ 61...


++ 61...



Bruce Elsegood


Raid Leader

2 9489 2874

David Gries



3 9890 3266

Rolf Breyer



8 3816266

8 2045984

Ralph Hibble



9 4591636

9 4592803

Phil Ward



3 5345 7429

mobile 0417 834 604

Steve Wedell



7 3886 7905

7 3886 7905

Whom to contact
   In the first instance email this web site:
(Es muŖ nicht immer Englisch sein - schick' Dein e-mail doch einfach in deutscher Sprache).

Approx. costs  
Entry price, based on the 1996 Raid, the cost will be $ 500 per car. This covers organisational costs, survey costs, campground fees, magazines, postage, first aid supplies, flying doctor radio, 4WD expenses, T-shirts and stickers.

Additional costs

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Transport costs of your vehicle

punkt.jpg (369 Byte) Each Raid car must have third party property insurance
You cannot join the Raid without third party property insurance. You will be asked for proof of this in Alice Springs prior to departure. Overseas Raiders may obtain third party property insurance from The Kings Cross Car Market Pty Ltd phone: 0061 - 2 - 9358 5000 or Shannons Insurance phone: 0061 - 7 - 3892 2776.
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punkt.jpg (369 Byte)


punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Jardine River ferry and return - currently $ 80 cash

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Some other costs

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)


Customs Info  
For those wishing to bring a 2CV to Australia. A telephone contact number for Australian Customs information is ++617 3835 3258. Basically you need to go to your automobile association in your own country and obtain a CARNET de PASSAGE. This entitles you to bring your car to Australia. For example in Germany go to the 
A D A C and obtain the Carnet application form.
Selling cars in Australia after the Raid requires duties and taxes to be paid. You will need to contact The Australian Federal Office of Road Safety in Canberra Australia ++612 6274 7506.
Generally cars under 15 years old are subject to Australian design rules (ADR) and this adds to costs.  Also cars may need to be registered prior to sale and each Australian State has different requirements which may be onerous. Contact also the various State Transport Departments.

Raiders may wish to refer to the following websites:
1. Australian Federal Office of Road Safety:
2. Australian Customs Service:

A booklet from the Australian Automobile Association explaining "things you should know about bringing your car to Australia" will be sent to overseas Raiders with their official deposit receipt.

Allan Ward well known South Australian Car Club member has kindly offered to help Raiders who are  shipping their cars to Adelaide, with customs formalities. Allan can be found at 3 Montrose Place, Belmont, Adelaide,
South Australia 5066, phone/fax: ++ 61 - (0) 8 - 8379 2255.

DISCLAIMER This web site does not claim to be an expert on Carnet or selling 2CV cars .

You should talk to ex raiders such as   Michael Mohr in Germany, Steve Hill in England, Christian Komaniecki in France or Ralph Hibble in Perth and others who have experience in these matters.

Shipping of cars

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Contact your shipping agent

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

See also people under Technical Advice - they may be able to help with shipping questions

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Please note it takes 6 - 8 weeks to ship a car to Australia


Car preparation

 The "trick" for a problem free Raid is to travel light and with a light foot.

Outback travel in Australia is totally different to travel in Europe. Most of the roads we will travel on are made from
gravel or just red or brown sand. As such the roads can be extremely rough, dusty and after rain very muddy and slippery. Some stretches of "road" are just rocks. The roads are often badly corrugated and full of ruts or holes.
Therefore all cars intending to participate in Raid 2000 must be prepared to a very high standard. In the past 3 Aus-
tralian Raids, ill prepared 2CV cars, amongst other problems, suffered broken chassis's, broken suspension arms,
and broken or destroyed spring pots.

Tyres: It is strongly suggested that only new tyres be used on your car. Experience has shown that old tyres are far more likely to blow-up on outback roads.
Windscreen: Many early 2CVs still have what is called 'safety glass windscreens' installed. These break into thousands of small pieces of glass which is impossible to see out of when hit by a stone or rock. We strongly recommend that modern type laminated (Verbundglas, lamine pare-brise) glass be fitted. The laminated glass will probably only chip or crack if hit by a stone.
Fan and pulley: Many past Raiders have had problems with broken fans and/or pulley. Bring spares.

See David Gries Raid 1992 advice ,
David Gries 2000 advice. and  Car Preparation Raid 2000.

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Solid tow hooks to be fitted front and rear - these should be painted yellow 

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

Snow chains (from a Ski shop) should be carried as these could help in long sections of loose sand

punkt.jpg (369 Byte)

40 channel CB radio MUST be fitted (see Newsletter No. 3 - "See your whips")

punkt.jpg (369 Byte) Bring a small grease gun

Other factors
   Many of the breakdown problems resulted from overloaded cars. Keep the total weight of car/co-driver
as low as possible. Overloaded cars place huge stress on all major components and this added to the rough roads will cause major problems. For example the  maximum all up weight of a 2CV with passengers and luggage fuel and water is 975 kg. The correct choice of tyres may be of major importance. ( Michelin mud & snow ? )  size 135 minimum.
The Raid committee strongly recommends a maximum of two in a 2CV.

   Have a look at " web site (German and English).
Uwe Stoessel has provided full details on the ICI Commence L'Adventure - 2CV car preparation details for Raids.


Technical advice

On the preparation of cars, and other advice contact the following people who might help you:





Michael Mohr


06021 540996
work 069 2123 4917

06021 540996

Axel Kaliske


09128 3422

09128 15418

Peter Scholz


030 8270 7652 

030 823 3577

Andreas Belz


06727 892679


Steve Hill


mobile 0836 206086

Barry Annells


01483 449941

01483 449942


Claude Hermans

La Croix

021 7914451



Alex Gasteiger


0043 662 634549

43 662 634549


Rene Goedel


see phone book


Bruce Elsegood


0061 2 9489 2874

David Gries


0061 398903266

Ralph Hibble


0061 8 9459 1636

New Zealand

Stewart Lister


07 8462 678


Christoph Ahrens

Abu Dhabi

00971 37671542

00971 37671542

France Christian Komaniecki Boissy St. Leger 331 45954697

Proposed route of Raid 2000

Our Raid Leader has proposed an ambitious and challenging route.
Rendezvous at Heavy Tree Gap Camping Grounds ALICE SPRINGS. About 70kms north to the Sandover Highway
which runs off to the left from the Plenty Highway. Drive north east along the Sandover Highway. About 530 kms reach Lake Nash which is near the Qld border. After the border we head south-east down to Urandangi. At Urandangi head northeast to meet the Diamantina Development road then north to MT ISA. We now head up the Barkly Highway to Camooweal. Then up the Burketown-Camooweal road to Gregory Downs. From Gregory Downs head west to LAWN HILL National Park. From Lawn Hill head back and cross the Burketown-Camooweal road and head to Nardoo and on
to the Burke and Wills Roadhouse. From Burke and Wills Roadhouse head north up the Burke Development road to
Normanton (maybe also visit Karumba).
(OR as an alternative (dirt road) from Lawn Hill National Park head back to Gregory downs and north up the Camooweal-
Burketown road to Burketown. From Burketown head down to head towards Normanton via Leichardt Falls and Inverleigh to Normanton).
From Normanton continue along the Burke Development road via Dunbar Highbury Gamboola Chillagoe Mt Garnet and to the Undara Crater National Park to see the Lava Tubes. Then head north to Cape Kimberley Resort which is just past Mossman over the Daintree River. From Cape Kimberley it is proposed that those Raiders who so desire will head on up to Cape York via Lakeland, Laura, Musgrave Homestead, Coen, Archer River Roadhouse, Bamaga, Batavia Downs, Captain Billys Landing, cross the Jardine River, Seisa (or Punshard Bay) and then back, while the non- Cape Yorkers pursue other activities. See SURVEY REPORT below.

  Click for Route Map

Pre Raid    Those travelling from Perth may wish to join Ralph Hibble on his "Raid Leeuwin to Cape York". This trip will of course include the Raid. This takes you from mainland Australia's' most southern point to its most northern point. 
Contact Ralph Hibble for more details.

See also LAKE EYRE page below.

Raiders attempting the 2nd part of the Raid namely from Cape Kimberley Resort will be heading north into more crocodile country. Australia has two types of crocodiles, the fresh water croc (freshy) and the salt water croc (salties). The freshy is a timid animal and is very shy of man, however it should be treated with caution. However the salty croc is a man-eater and has been responsible for the death of a number of tourists as well as local people who became too lax or familiar with their care. Two years ago (1997) a local attendant from the Jardine Ferry was killed and eaten by a crocodile in the sight of his children (I think there were 7 children) whilst swimming out to the broken ferry.  As the climate up north is hot and humid Raiders will be very tempted to cool off whenever they find water. However  this practice is fraught with danger, as the safety of the water may not be known. The authorities have in some  instances placed warning signs warning that crocodiles may be in the water, and these must be followed. It must be stressed that Raiders are responsible for their own safety, including safety first with crocodiles.

More information  
If you are not already on the Raid Mailing list please advise your details so that we can send you   a copy of the Raid Newsletter. Also watch this website as we will continue to add more information. Other questions can be directed to a member of the committee, or send a email/fax/or letter.
Say hello to us.

   Applications have closed.

Musical instruments
....some Raiders chose to bring some of their musical instruments with them, and past Raids were treated to some fine talent, particularly around the camp fire. Guitars, violins, mouth organs etc are most welcome. Please do not however bring your grand piano.

Diving lessons
   Raiders may wish to take advantage of the clear water conditions in August/September and take
Certified Diving Courses available along the coast, from about A$ 150

   A visa is required for entry into Australia. This is usually obtained via your travel agent.

  It is suggested that Raiders have a dental and perhaps a medical check-up prior to their departure as these facilities are hard to find in outback Australia. A small first aid kit should be carried.
Buy some Aerogard Insect Repellent (tropical strength) when you get to Cairns.
Weather    We have chosen August as it is normally within the "dry" season. Roads during the "wet" season are often impassable. Temperatures will range from hot (T-shirt and shorts) during the day - to cold (jeans, jumper, enclosed shoes) overnight. You should bring a warm jacket.

Sydney Olympic Games 2000
  The Raid officially finishes just prior to the start of the Olympic Games which start on Friday September 15th with the grand opening ceremony at Homebush Bay and finish on Sunday 1st October.

The Raid Committee reserves the right
   To determine Raid Participants and numbers. The Raid Leader also reserves the right to reject any Raid vehicle considered by him not to be of adequate Raid standard. The route shown    is the probable route as determined by our Raid Leader, but is subject to change should circumstances, conditions or weather warrant.

KEEP WATCHING ...  This site as it will be edited, developed and updated on a continuing basis.

for the Raid Committee
Steve Wedell & Anja Ahrens

This web site is produced by Steve Wedell for the Raid Australia Committee and edited by Anja Ahrens. The Raid committee is a group of volunteers from CitroŽn Car Clubs in the major cities of Australia. The committee runs each   Raid on a non-profit basis for the benefit of Raiders. It is not a race or rally. It is an adventure which brings together people from many countries whose common interest is a love for that loveable hardy, long lived and ubiquitous auto-
mobile, the CitroŽn 2CV.
The Raid Committee accepts no responsibility for cars or people. The Committee act only as a medium to bring the Raiders together for an adventure of a lifetime. You join the Raid voluntarily and entirely at your own risk.

About Steve Wedell: Steve was an original participant in the first Australian Raid in 1988 and participant/committeeman in the subsequent Australian Raids in 1992 and 1996. He also participated in   Raid Finland in 1993,   Raid America North-West in 1994,   Raid Slovenia in 1995, and in   Raid "Gourmet" (Germany-France-Holland) in 1997.

About Anja Ahrens: Anja was a participant in Raid Australia 1996. She also participated in Raid "Gourmet" in 1997.

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