Arnhem Raid Route

Raid 2016

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20160731: Start at Gap View Caravan Park: -23.721153, 133.868813
20160801 Day 1: Yuendumu: -22.253814, 131.795731
20160802 Day 02: Rabbit Flat: -20.152778, 129.868333
20160803a Day 03A: Morning tea : -19.298889, 130.004167
20160803b Day 03B:: -18.107222, 130.727222
20160804 Day 04:: -16.543657, 131.796893
20160805 Day 05:: -14.485988, 132.256585
20160806 Days 06 to 12: : -14.452114, 132.271514
20160813 Day 13: -13.653937, 134.315045
20160814: -12.185116, 136.788245
20160817: -13.054730, 134.642258
20160818: -14.923397, 133.066380
20160820: -14.736435, 134.528674
20160822: -15.531025, 135.224358
20160824: -15.720717, 135.640361
20160826: -16.666667, 135.800000
20160827: -16.253333, 133.369167
20160828: -19.648362, 134.189991
20160829: -22.650351, 133.341400
20160830: -23.721153, 133.868813
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20160731: Start at Gap View Caravan Park
The raid commences on Monday August 1 from Gap View Caravan Park , 123 Gap Road, Alice Springs.
There will be a welcome dinner at the Gap View Hotel on the evening of July 31 and your committee will be in residence some days before the start.
Some participants may wish to visit Uluru en route to Alice Springs or take a tour in the days before the commencement of the raid.
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20160801 Day 1: Yuendumu
Day 1: Yuendumu
Approx 306km to a bush camp near Yuendumu. Allow 5 hours & bring enough food for 3 days, 30 litres of extra fuel & 20 litres of water. Fuel is available en route at Tilmouth Roadhouse after 197 km. There is a sports weekend for the first weekend in August at Yuendumu and it may be interesting to see how the locals entertain themselves.
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20160802 Day 02: Rabbit Flat
Day 2: Rabbit Flat
Approx 318 km to a bush camp near Rabbit Flat. Be prepared for at least 150 km of horrific corrugations. Allow 5 hours.
Camp site co-ordinates were recorded on the survey:
(S 20 deg 9 min 10sec, E 129 deg 52 min 6 sec )
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20160803a Day 03A: Morning tea
Day 3: Morning tea
Approx 303 km to a bush camp.
After 113 km there is a floodway river crossing for morning tea stop (co-ordinates S 19 deg 17 min 56 sec, E 130 deg 0 min 15 sec)
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20160803b Day 03B:
Day 3
Fuel is available at Lajimanu after about 250 km. Take away food in the form of burgers, fish & chips or meal of the day is available here & we should alert Gary , the owner of potential patronage before leaving Alice Springs. Gary has also generously offered workshop facilities if required.
(S 18 deg 6 min 26 sec, E 130 deg 43 min 38 sec)
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20160804 Day 04:
Day 4: Top Springs Hotel
Approx 216 km to Top Springs Hotel where camp sites will be pre-paid & An evening meal will be provided but, we need to provide our own furniture & utensils.
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20160805 Day 05:
Day 5: Riverview Tourist Village
Approx 202 km to Riverview Tourist Village, 440 Victoria Highway, Katherine. Hot Springs are a 5 min. Walk from the back of the park & the Barra Cafe is adjacent. We leave here again on day 13 & camp fees are paid for the nights of days 5 & 12 with a sausage sizzle available on day 5 & a catered meal provided on day 12.
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20160806 Days 06 to 12:
Days 6 to 12: In and around Katherine
Individual excursions to the many destinations accessible from Katherine. These could include a round trip via Adelaide River to Darwin, returning via Jabiru & visiting the many Falls & Gorges of Kakadu National Park. Nit milk National Park is home to Katherine Gorge which is a "must visit" while Flora River Nature Park is on the agenda depending upon the depth of the creek crossing. Katherine Race Day is the 6th August for the punters among us. Camp fees at Riverview are $15/person/ night for any one staying in on the nights from 6 to 12 August.
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20160813 Day 13
Day 13:
Be prepared with food for 2 days travel before proceeding South down the highway, turning left after 50 km.
Continue up the Central Arnhem Highway, stopping to refuel at Mainoru store where premium fuel is available.
After approx 370 km from Katherine we will bush camp well off the road on the right hand side.
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Day 14: Walkabout Lodge Camp Ground
Approx 359km to Nhulunbuy where we stay at the Walkabout Lodge camp ground for 3 days. Camp fees are pre-paid.
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Day 17: Emu Springs
Approx 330 km to a camp at Emu Springs. Provisions for 2 days travel required before leaving Nhulunbuy.
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Day 18: Mataranka Springs
Approx 415 km to Mataranka Springs. Pre-paid camp.

Day 19: Rest day in Mataranka Springs.
Enjoy the thermal pools. Evening meal provided.
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Day20: Roper Bar
Approx 181 km to Roper Bar. Camp fees pre-paid & evening meal provided. Shop in Mataranka for provisions for 3 days.

Day21: Rest day in Roper Bar
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Day22: Butterfly Springs
Approx 287 km to Butterfly Springs. Allow 5 hours. Swimming!

Day 23: Rest day at Butterfly Springs
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Day 24: Lorella Springs
Approx 82 km to Lorella Springs. Allow 2 hours. Pre-paid camping & evening meal provided. "Helicopter" adventures on offer at your own expense. Swimming under the stars in the spring.

Day 25: Rest day in Lorella Springs
Evening meal provided.
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Day 26: Cape Crawford
Approx 138 km to Cape Crawford. Pre-paid camping & evening meal provided. Allow 3 hours.
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Day 27: Daly Waters
Approx 277 km to Daly Waters. Allow 4 hours. Pre-paid camping & "Beef & Barra" Bistro meal provided. Register your preferred sitting time on arrival.
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Day 28: Tenant Creek
Approx 373 km to Tenant Creek Showgrounds. Pre-paid camp fees.
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Day29: Aileron
Approx 406 km to Aileron. Pre-paid camping & smorgasbord.
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Day 30: Alice Springs
Approx 13:km to Gap View Caravan Park in Alice Springs. Camp fees paid & farewell evening meal provided.
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